What should I collect

The next question I hear asked by new collectors is, “what should I collect”? My answer is always, collect what you like! There seems to be a misconception that comics are just spandex wearing Super Heroes and that they are just for kids. No way that is true. You have Super Heroes, Zombies, Vampires, Adult books, Drama, Archie, comedy, horror, and tons of others. A lot of people don’t realize that a lot of they’re favorite T.V shows are based on comics. The Walking Dead, I Zombie, Riverdale, The Strain, Preacher  and my favorite, Lucifer are all based on comics. Personally, I collect first appearances of characters. Cameos and full appearances. Also anything Deadpool and Harley Quinn. I also like older sets, Mark Jeweler Variants and DC Survey Variants. All of these I will go into more details about at a later time. Some people I have met look for special dates in their lives. Like books released on the same month and year as their children, grandchildren, wives, etc. Some people are completest. If they start for example, the original Avengers series 1. They will get every book including all variants and reprints to complete the entire set. Some just put together the basic set 1-whatever. Some people only collect, golden age books or silver aged books. Direct editions or Newsstand editions. Single books or Trade Paperbacks. You may like a certain artist or writer and only get books they are working on or have worked on. Maybe a particular character, autographed  books, certain runs or a complete set, only raw books or only graded books. Beware of the Variant cover hype. The only thing I will warn you about when it comes to variant covers is, book stores will push these on you. You need every cover of the same book. Don’t get caught up in the hype unless you just really like the covers or the artists. These are some of the most over priced books you will ever run into. Be careful.

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