Raw or Slabbed

A raw book is any book not encapsulated by one of the three grading companies. This is a book you can touch, read, etc. Raw books are graded on their appearance as decided upon by the individual.

Slabbed books are books that have been “professionally graded” by one of the three grading companies. These companies are CGC, CBCS and PGX. After being graded they are then encapsulated in an air tight plastic holder. This is also known as Impartial 3rd party grading. On the label located at the top, they will also list any pertinent information.

In my opinion, if you are collecting for fun and enjoy reading your books and enjoying them. You will probably prefer raw books. If you are collecting for investment purposes, then high grade slabs will be what you want.

As of this writing I am under the impression that CBCS has not started encapsulating off sized books like the UK Captain Britain’s from 1975. Also, do your research on PGX. I am not here to tell you who is best and who does a poor job. I have a few of each. But there are some stories you should be aware of. So do your research on all three before deciding which to use.

Join me next time for a discussion on first appearances.


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