Signatures on Comics

First and foremost let me say that this is purely my opinion. Nothing more, from a guy who collects many different types of things. I hear people ask all the time, Hey, Stan Lee is coming to a show here. Gonna get him to sign something. What should I get? Then I see others list different books they want signed or you should get signed.

First, all books are graded on there appearance of how they look compared to when they originally came out. If you wrote your name on the book or in it or drew on it or wrote anything, what would happen to the value? It would drop! Right? So look at it this way. It cost $150-$175 to get Stan Lee’s autograph at a show. So with that in mind, if you put a $150 autograph on a $2000 book. Have you helped the book or degraded the book? Now, if you believe that in 50 years that Stan’s autograph will be selling for more than the book is ever worth than you may have a win. Do you think you will live that long?

A lot of folks are getting Rob Liefeld to sign New Mutant 98’s. Do you think his signature ever be worth more than the book? I guess, NO. That is why I got him to sign an X-Force #8. This book will never really amount to much, but his signature on it will always keep the price well above normal. Now there are people out there who disagree and that is up to them. Heck, there are even companies who will authentic a signature and grade the book and encapsulate said book. But I wonder down the line if an encapsulated signature series Fantastic Four #1 8.0 signed by Stan Lee will sell for a higher price than an encapsulated Fantastic Four #1 8.0 not signed. Just something to think about.

Signed books are awesome to own. Heck, I have a good number of them myself. But wouldn’t it be even nicer to get signed original artwork, movie props, and other items that can be used to show off. I have seen toy Hulk hands, Iron Man masks, Captain America shields, Funko’s, Great lithographs, and tons of other items. I even have non sporting Marvel and DC bubble gum cards signed by the actors who play them and by artists that drew them. So next time you are thinking about getting a comic signed by and artist, actor, writer or other creator. Think about future implications. Now, if you are getting it to keep in your own collection and care nothing of the value, then get whatever you wish. But if you are collecting for investment purposes, think about it long and hard. Join me next time as we will discuss the term” Grail” and its use with comics and statues.

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