Holy Grail, an item coveted for years. Yet it is hardly seen in real life let alone owned.

Grail, an item you would like to own. But is just out of your price range.

Examples of Holy Grail’s:

Is this a Grail? I picked up another one of my Grail’s today. I am not sure if this is a Grail. I see these all the time and wonder if people understand the meaning of Grail or Holy Grail in the least. Especially in the comic related Statue genre. It is almost laughable at times. 

I believe we can all agree that Action Comics #1 is the Holy Grail of all comics. Can you have a personal grail? You bet you can. Look at the second definition above of Grail. This is the Statue or Comic that you want to own, look at every time you go out. Price it, touch, want it. But always a little too expensive. You save, you even sell or offer to trade something you already have. And may even finally get it. That is your Grail. You will never sell it if you don’t have to. You treat it differently than the rest of your collection. You don’t buy it, then replace it every time you get a new piece.

I have my Comic Grail. It is a CGC graded Amazing-Spider Man #129. Took me five years to obtain. The one book I had to have. Although I am a Harley Quinn and Deadpool fan. Their books were easy to get and affordable early. So they are not my Grail’s although I love them. As for a Grail Statue. I see my Grail as the Harley Quinn on the motorcycle with the Hyenas in the side car as my Grail. May never own it. and only seen one in person.

So if I could ask one favor in the Comic and Statue collecting world. It would be, quit over using the term Grail. Not every Statue is a Grail. Not every Comic is a Grail. And there is only one Holy Grail. Join me next time when we will discuss Variants.

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