Variants Part 1

Today I thought we would start our discussion on variants. There are many types, so I am going to break it down to one type of variant each time. Today we will discuss the Mark Jewelers Variants. These are a 4 page centerfold from Mark Jewelers that advertise jewelry. These books are exactly like the regular comic sold except they have the ad insert inside and were only sold near U.S. military installations in America and overseas. They were mainly to help soldiers buy engagement rings for sweethearts back home really. They started running these ads in 1972 and stopped in 1986 to the best of my knowledge. They ran in both Marvel and DC comic books. Numbers of these books compared to the regular issues are not known but are said to be significantly lower. Prices on these can vary, but can run as high as 30% higher than their counterpart. Some people do not believe there should be a difference, and will not pay the higher price. So if looking to sell these, you should look for completest, and variant collectors. I personally like these, because there were less of them and like Newsstand editions, these books are harder to find in super high grade because of soldiers taking them into the field and to work to read. My personal opinion, if you get a chance to get any of them at a great price in high mid grade and up. Buy them up. I have included a photo of what these inserts look like. Next time we will discuss the DC Survey Variant.

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