DC Survey Card Variants

In the late 70’s DC inserted a survey card into select books. This is called a DC Survey insert variant. You answered questions they had listed, removed the card and mailed it in. At this time these books have been found to be quit rare and hard to find. Also as of this writing, there seems to never been any rhyme or reason for which books were used and where they were released. Also at this time, we have no idea how many were filled out and removed from the books and mailed in. So finding these may be even tougher than first perceived. This is an excellent variant for the collector who thoroughly enjoys the hunt. Below you can view a picture of the card and you will find a list of the books that have been verified to have this card. That does not mean, every one of the books has the card. It means these are the books that randomly had the card inserted into them. I hope you decide to give this a try. I highly recommend you add these in Mid grade and up to your collection. Happy Hunting

  1. Action Comics 481
  2. Adventure Comics 456
  3. Detective Comics 476
  4. Batman 298
  5. Jonah Hex 11
  6. Justice League 153
  7. Weird War Tales 62
  8. Firestorm 2
  9. Flash 260
  10. Super Friends 11
  11. Superman 322
  12. Aquaman 61
  13. Black Lightning 8

Also but not confirmed

  1. Claw 10
  2. House of Secrets 151
  3. New Gods 17

Next time we discuss National Diamond Sales inserts. See you there.

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