National Diamond Sales Variant

Another Variant aimed at our military installations based all over were the National Diamond Sales Ad variant. These ads were also known as Lingerie Ads. Again they were there to help young military guys purchase lingerie and diamond rings for their girlfriends back home. These ads ran from April of 1971 to April of  1973 taking a break for two months in 1972. These two months were November and December.

These ads ran in many different styles and type over their time. Overall there were eight different NDS ads. They could be identified by their numbering on the order form. Following is a list of those numbers.

  1. MVL 1-71
  2. MVL 7-71
  3. MVL 1-72
  4. A1-M-1
  5. AM
  6. M-2
  7. 2M-1M
  8. 2M

The following books are known to carry the NDS Ad. Listed in no particular order.

  1. Avengers #87
  2. Spider-Man #96
  3. The Mighty Thor #187
  4. Fantastic Four #110
  5. Incredible Hulk #139
  6. Captain America #137
  7. Daredevil #75
  8. Iron Man #37
  9. Amazing Adventures #6
  10. Conan #5
  11. Creatures on the Loose #11
  12. Sgt. Fury #87
  13. Where Monsters Dwell #9
  14. Rawhide Kid #87
  15. Where Creatures Roam #6
  16. Kid Colt #153
  17. Two-Gun Kid #98
  18. Ringo Kid #9
  19. My Love #11
  20. Astonishing Tales #5
  21. Monsters on the Prowl #10
  22. Outlaw Kid #5
  23. Millie the Model #189
  24. Our Love Story #10

These books are a bit harder to find than the Mark Jeweler books. And hard to find in mid high grade and up. They also have a premium on price that runs about 15% higher than regular books up to 40% on high grade copies. Good luck on your hunt for these books. Next time, we are going to take a little break from variants to discuss Marvel Value Stamps.

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