Marvel Value Stamps

Bronze aged menace? You be the judge. From 1974 to 1976 Marvel began inserting what they called Marvel Value Stamps into their releases. These are best described as small bordered pieces of art work of different Marvel characters.

Series A of these stamps consisted of 100 different pieces of art work. The idea was, the reader could cut out these stamps and glue them in a 16 page Marvel value stamp booklet which was purchased separately through the mail and then trade in the booklet for special prizes and collectibles.


Series B consisted of 100 separate pieces of art work that were actually puzzle pieces and when inserted into their book, they created a larger piece of art work. There were a total of ten pieces of the larger pieces of art work.

Of course, at the time this sounded like a great idea. But remember, you had to cut out these stamps. The problem is, the removal of these stamps at that time. Resulted in the destruction of the value of these books at this time. There were some highly sought after books from this era. The biggest, Incredible Hulk 181.

Always remember, when purchasing any books from this era to ask directly. Is the value stamp still intact. Especially if you are not able to view the book in person. This stamp is more valuable to these books then a lot of folks like to let on. So do not pay top dollar with this missing unless you just have to have the book right then.

In 2006 Marvel Spotlight, with no explanation or rhyme or reason issued 28 more stamps then stopped. Still, to this day. We do not know why.


I have included listings of all the comics for Series A & B on this site. Please refer to it if you would like. Next time we discuss Whitman variants. Don’t miss it.

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