Whitman Variants

Yes, Whitman covers are variants. They are not second prints. And remember, these variants can be very, very rare and worth a lot of money. Whitman books were originally  Western comic books. But in the late 70’s and even into 1980 Marvel and DC saw that they needed to be able to sell their comics at more places than news stands and comic shops. So they contracted with Whitman, who bagged these books together as three packs and sold at department stores. The DC books actually carried the Whitman name and logo on the cover where as Marvel decided to use a diamond price box with either a blank UPC box or a line drawn through the code. Following are photos of how these were marked. These variants do sell higher in the same condition as their regular release counter part on an average of 2.5 times higher. So do not blow them off.

There are 8 Whitman books that are considered White Whales of the collecting world. These books are said to be more difficult to find than the elusive Star Wars #1 .35 cent variant. I have listed these books below.

  1.  Action Comics #508
  2. Batman #324
  3. DC Comics Presents #22
  4. Flash #286
  5. Justice League of America #179
  6. Legion of Super Heroes #264
  7. New Adventures of Superboy #6
  8. Superman #348

Good luck if you choose to try and collect the Whitman variants. The above books will be very difficult to acquire. But isn’t that what collecting is all about. Join me next time as we discuss Ebay.


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