First and foremost, EBAY IS NOT A PRICE GUIDE. So, now lets talk about what Ebay is and the good and bad of using Ebay to purchase comic books. There is nothing worse than someone finding some books and trying to sell them and the first thing they say is…. Ebay says they are worth $500. First, if a book is listed for $500 on a buy it now and it is still there 2 weeks later. Guess what, no one finds it to be worth $500. Same when you try and buy a book at a shop or at a personal level. Do not quote what you saw the book going for on Ebay. Now there are some tools associated with Ebay that can tell you what has sold and the price range they sold at. That can be very useful.

Now lets take a look at a few advantages of buying off Ebay.

  1. You can locate hard to find & rare books.
  2. You can use credit cards or Paypal.
  3. You can shop from your computer, smart phone or pad.
  4. You can compare prices.
  5.  You can even get lucky and get some really nice books really cheap.

Now some disadvantages.

  1. Sellers are hit and miss on how to pack valuable books.
  2. You can never be completely sure the photo is the actual book.
  3. You don’t know if photos are doctored.
  4. You can not touch and review book before purchase.
  5. You do not know if description is accurate and complete.
  6. Shadow bidders. Bidders who only drive up price.
  7. Snipers. Sit till end of auction and take with final bid.

Now, I am not saying, do not use Ebay. What I am saying is be diligent in your questions. Find a few people on there you can trust and buy from them as often as possible. Read their reviews. Sure they can be stacked, but still a good idea. Buy small at first. Work up to major purchases and they gain your trust. And never be afraid to remind them to pack accordingly. If they refuse because they want to save the extra few dollars, find someone else to buy from. Also remember, if someone takes good care of you and your books. Leave good feedback. If they don’t. Leave bad feedback. Help protect the next guy. Next we will discuss the pros and cons of selling on Ebay.

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