Last week we discussed buying off Ebay. Today lets discuss selling on Ebay. The good, the bad and the ugly. First of all, there is money to be made by selling on Ebay. There is no doubting that. But just like buying. There are pitfalls that come with unscrupulous buyers. The first thing you must do is be able to grade your comics, statues and other collectibles accordingly. I have gone with always grading a little low just to make sure. But that is me. I only sell to buy something I want. I do not sell to support my family. Second, try to bag and board every comic. This goes a long way with buyers. And please, please, pack every shipment like it may get hit by a tank. Never shove an un-bagged and un-boarded into a big envelope and shove in the mail just to save shipping cost. This will get you bad reviews and hate mail like you have never seen. Please, always pack it like you would receive it. I will be adding video at a later date and when I do, packing is one of the subjects I will be covering. Now for all the money you think you will make or maybe even make on Ebay, it still comes with Dangers. The biggest issue I ever had and the reason I actually stopped selling on Ebay was because of buyers, buying your book. Then sending you a note upon receiving said book that it wasn’t grading at what I stated and they wanted to return for a refund or they would start a claim. When I would refund, the book I received back would not be the same book I sent them. After the third time, I just shut it down. Other issues to be aware of…..

  1. Buyer wanting refund. Receiving refund and never returning book.
  2. Buyer claiming book not quit as good as stated and wanting partial refund.
  3. 99% buyer claims always prevail over the seller.
  4. Buyers winning auction, then excuses he can not pay at this time.
  5. Buyer returning book, shoves in envelope and book gets damaged.

Now this does not mean there are not some great buyers out there that you will have as customers for a long time. I am just letting you know, what to watch out for. Check your new buyers out. If something sounds fishy, check into it. Never be afraid to ask questions. Pay attention to answers. Ask other sellers about a buyer and if they have dealt with them.

Last week we discussed buying on Ebay. I forgot to mention one small but very important detail. Never, ever, ever, ever pay friends and family when using pay pal. If you do and they send you a bad book or do not ship at all, you will have NO recourse. Non at all. Join me next time to discuss the price variants from the Bronze Age.

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