Cover Variants

Over the last month we have discussed the many different variants available on the market. Some rare and some, not so rare. Today we discuss the Cover variant. These are exactly what the title says. It is the exact same book but with a different cover. The reasons for these different covers can vary from printing variants, examples: 1st print, 2nd print 3rd print etc., to incentive covers. Examples would be 1 book in every 25 regular issues, 1 in every 250 issues and so on. What that means is, out of every 250 regular issues put out, there will be one of a particular cover. Sometimes they just put out a few different covers of a book to help a book sale. Below are examples of a couple of variant covers.



The red cover is the 1st print of this book. The gold is the 2nd print. Yes there is a pretty good sized price difference.


Above variants are same book with three different covers. Same cover, different color. I do believe the silver one is the rarest and most sought after.



Last, this is what I have found to be one of the most sought after and expensive cover variants to date. The Amazing Spider-Man #678B. The first book is the regular issue. The second is the variant. This book is not that rare. 1 in 50. But I have seen it sale for $1000 in super high grade condition.

Sometimes variant covers are just a way to add a certain character who has nothing to do with the book to help them sale. Marvel used a month to add Deadpool to every cover they issued. As did DC with Harley Quinn. Sometimes out of the blue they will add these two characters to different books. In my mind just to help them sell those books.

I personally am not a big fan of all the variant covers. I believe they are just a ploy to get more money from us. But will say, a lot of these covers are beautiful. They usually get their best and most sought after artists to do them. J Scott Campbell, Greg Horn, Gabrielle Del “Otto”, and Adam Hughes just to name a few. Even though I do own a few, I am in the mindset. Why spend $200 on a new variant cover when I can spend the same money on a Bronze age or even a silver age first appearance book. Like Amazing Spider-Man #194, All-Star comics #58 or a Hawkman #4. But that is all personal opinion. But as a new collector, remember. You are not obligated to buy every book that comes out because it has a different cover. I have had folks think that since I collect Harley Quinn and Deadpool, that I would buy every book they had with them on the cover. Trust me when I say… That gets expensive quick. So, if you want a few. By all means buy them. If not. Then don’t.

Join in next week when we discuss comic storage.

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