Proper Storage

Now this may be the single most important part of collecting comic books. The proper storage of books, art work and statues. Here, we will concentrate on comic books. But these could also be applied to any collectable.

First, if your books are not slabbed by one of the grading companies, then always have your books bagged and boarded. This will help protect against water, and other objects from touching them. Boards will also keep the spine damage way down. This is a must. Bag and board everything. They have both in all sizes for comics and magazines. Just ask an employee from where you are buying for the correct size. Then store in an upright position preferably in a comic box. They also come in different sizes and some are even built to slide out. They also come in different widths to hold magazines and magazine style comics.

Next, 50-65 degrees is the optimum temperature for storage. Stay consistent though as fluctuating temperatures can also be harmful. Temperatures that are too cold can also damage books and cause paper to dry out. Relative humidity is also important. It should be kept from 50% to +/- 10% to be optimum. Again, too low RH can be as harmful as too high. Dehumidifiers can be used to help regulate humidity. Also having a gauge to track temperatures and humidity can be helpful. I use the AcuRite 00613. It is awesome.

You should store your books in a dark environment. Incandescent lighting is best. If you have windows, put shades over them. Always minimize direct sunlight. Remember, fluorescent bulbs can damage paintings and textiles. UV light can also cause strong colors to begin fading. Avoid storing your books near windows or doors. Never store your books below any water lines. A leak can be disastrous. Do not sit your boxes directly on concrete floors. The concrete will conduct cold and wick moisture. And last, if your room is large or very full. You can use a fan to ensure the temperature stays even throughout the room. There are some other things you need to watch for, but this should get you going in the right direction. If you would like to add anything else, please use the comment section and please feel free to help others out.


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