Follow your Gut

A few years back I was part of a Facebook comic group that was pretty cool. It was a small closed group with a ton of knowledge. I would say less than 60 people. Also, you had to be invited. I learned a ton from the guys in that group. But, I have to say this. I remember chatting one day with the man guy of the group. He was explaining some stuff to me. At the end I asked if he had a New Mutants 25 and 26, a Black Goliath 1, an a Black Lightening 1. He asked why. I told him I was not just collecting Deadpool and Harley Quinn books, but also 1st appearances. No matter how insignificant. He told me to not waste my money on that crap. Just worry about the big names. Well, I found the books else where and purchased them for less than $5 each. Guess what? All are over $25 and the Black Lightning is selling for $50. So always buy what you want. Do not always take everyone else’s advice.


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