Cataloging Comics

Something I figured out pretty quickly after attending a big 60% off sale of all back issues at the local comic shop was, I had no idea what I really had and did not have when it came to back issues. I wasted the biggest sale and biggest opportunity I have had to plug holes in my sets just by not knowing what was missing. After that I realized I had to do something to be able to track what I had and what I needed. So I started looking for a comic database that I could list all my books and print and take with me to stores and shows. I am not going to go in depth about each one or tell you why one is better than the other. What I am going to do is list the ones I know of with links so you can go save them and study what works best for you. I will also list them as paid subscriptions, software or free sites. Now before we start, there is one other way you can start to catalog your books. If you have Microsoft Word, Access or Excel. You can build your own database. Just a thought for you adventurous types.


Free database with price guide, but does accept donations. Ability to buy and sell, with plenty of user interactions.

Web based with user fees.

Purchased software.

I am told Wizard World use to have a sight to save collections but has since been closed down. If anyone has info to the contrary please let us know. Also, at one time was setting up a place to store your collections. But 4 years later it still isn’t in place. So take some time to study each one and find the one that will work best for what you need and what you want to do.

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