Buying Comics

As a new collector, you may think the only place to buy comics is your local shop, or Ebay. Well in this day and age that is not true. With the internet, there is so much more there for you. When I started a few years ago, I only bought from Ebay and my local comic shops. Then found out there were so many great deals to be found on Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook, online shops such as Lone star Comics, Midtown Comics and Mile high Comics. Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales and Flea Markets. Now there are Apps like Offer Up and Let Go as well as  Comic Cons around the world. Even those antiques shops along the road have had comics in them for sale. I have been traveling and stopped at a Antique/junk store in the middle of nowhere and picked up a Amazing Spider-Man #361 (1st Carnage) for cover price.

Now a reminder, if you use Craigslist or any of the apps. Please keep your safety as a top priority. We have all heard the stories. Try and meet out in public. If they say they have to many to load. Then take a friend, heck take 2. When using Ebay and Facebook, remember, you buy and sale at your own risk. Find a few folks that you can build a trust with and try and stick with them. I can safely say that all the books I have bought from (Lone Star Comics) have been graded very well. Never an issue. Also, local auction houses will sometimes get some stuff in at great prices. You can also find comic groups online that will allow you to buy and sale through their site. They work hard to keep the scammers out, but now and then one can get through. I hope this helps you find some great books in some out of the way places. Good luck and have fun.

2 thoughts on “Buying Comics”

  1. Hey I like the blog. Keep it up! BTW I just wanted to comment on this post. I found an online comic book store called My Comic Addiction at that deals in back issue comics as well as special editions, variants, and 1st issues. Note that this isn’t a huge store like High Mile Comics and may only have several thousand at any given time but I’ve ordered from there and the comics are cheap, they grade well, show scans of the comics and the shipping isn’t all that bad. I go there often just to see if they have an issue that I’m missing. I also buy comics from Shop Goodwill. Sometimes you win an auction for bulk collections for cheap. However I only buy them if they have been boarded and bagged. Otherwise you can get some bad comics out of it.


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