Blank Variants

Over the last couple of months we have discussed many different variants that are out there. Some worth a lot of money, some I think, just passing fads. But now I will tell you a little about my favorite variants. The Blank Variant cover. These are books issued but with a blank page over the front and rear cover for you to have artist draw on or creators to sign. I love taking mine to shows and having artists draw my vision on them, or tell them to do whatever they want. Now, the first thing you have to know is, it isn’t cheap. When these variants first hit, you could get known and well known artists to draw or sketch on these for a very reasonable rate. But after these artist started seeing these pieces on Ebay for $200 to $1000 a book. Well, they started charging also. Funny thing is, people bitch about this. Remember, artist do not and can not work for free. They have bills too. But the great thing with these is you don’t have to have a huge named artist on them.These are great for getting up and coming artist to draw on and even new creators. I personally have some great creations. Ken Lashley, Kelly Williams, Bernard Chang, Adam Hughes and Sanford Greene to name a few.

So buy up some of those blank variants. Save some cash and get what you want drawn on them. Thor versus Wonder Woman, Power girl in a bikini, The Avengers interacting with the Power Puff Girls. The sky is the limit. Remember they become one of a kinds. These will be the most fun you have had collecting in a long time.

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