Affordable 1st Appearances

When I first started collecting, my biggest issue was… what do I want to collect. After some thought, I knew I wanted Deadpool and Harley Quinn. But I also wanted to do 1st appearances. But realized quickly, a lot of them are very expensive. Not everyone can afford a 1st Spider-Man or Batman. Or even a first X-23 or Deadpool. But you can afford a 1st Warpath, Blink, Black Cat, Magma, Legion, Ronin and tons of others. 1st appearance of Typhoid Mary can be had under $20 for a high grade copy. 1st Deathstroke, Nightwing, and Killer Crock can also be had at fairly lower prices. Under $75 in most cases. Check out IMDB for all the Marvel and DC TV shows and Movies and find some names you don’t hear everyday and go find those. Cupid, Bronze Tiger, Plastique and Dreamer to name a few. I have had a lot of fun tracking a lot of these down. Also, it doesn’t have to be Super Heroes. Lucifer, Preacher, IZombie and The Strain are all great titles and the 1st books and appearances are pretty affordable except maybe Preacher. High grade Preacher can cost a bit. Forget Walking Dead #1, but how about grabbing a first Negan or Michone.

But remember, as I explained early on. Some characters have more than one first appearance. Example, “Blink”, she has 2 firsts. 1st appearance as Clarice Ferguson and 1st appearance as Blink. Psylocke as a few 1sts. Mystique has first Raven Darkholme and first Mystique. There are quit a few of these. Find them all. That is what collecting is all about. Now go do your research and buy some books.

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