Something Different

Today we are going to go in a little bit of a different direction. We are going to discuss die hard Marvel fanboys and girls vs die hard DC fanboys and girls. And the way they help and hurt their respective markets in the movie and TV industry. First lets get me out of the equation. I do not love one or the other. I enjoy all comic related movies for the most part and want them all to succeed, So we continue to get more. I love Vertigo’s Lucifer on TV. Fox’s The Gifted is pretty good. I really enjoyed Daredevil season 2 on Netflix and Loved Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Spider man, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Heck, I even liked Green Lantern with all its problems and holes. But I like them because I take comic movies for what they are. Big Budget popcorn fun flicks. Not Oscar nominated bore fests. But in my opinion it runs much deeper that that. Here are my OPINIONS:

Marvel Fans are much more forgiving. They are not always happy, but usually do not get all bent out of shape over a character if they are changed or a bit different. They kind roll with it and watch before they start cussing and trashing a movie or show. Have they had a few dudes? Sure. Inhumans, some of Agents of shield, Iron Fist and a few others. Now they do get a little more mouthy with Fox and Sony and other companies that are not Marvel releasing Marvel properties. But with pretty good reason. The last Fantastic Four movie was very bad, as was the Daredevil Movie. Marvel always takes their time to find the right director they are comfortable with, the right actors and take their time releasing the products they want. They seem to grab a lot of the greatest actors out there and are able to keep them in the same role through out the series. Exceptions, War Machine and Hulk. And when they have issues with an actor they may choose to release them instead of replacing them, like Natalie Portman. Now don’t get me wrong, they have holes in their stories, sometimes a director wasn’t right, and they do not spend a lot of time building the villains. But overall, it is a well run establishment and the fans know it.

DC fans are what I like to call True Believers! Everything is under the microscope, everything is a problem, nothing is ever right. And DC doesn’t really help their own cause. The make announcements then have to retract them all the time. They can not keep the same actors in the roles. The keep changing their game plan from year to year. Examples: Not one fan I heard liked any of the casting choices for the Justice League. Mamoa probably took the least heat. Gadot was shredded. I remember fans wanting a 50 year old woman to play Wonder Woman because she had been Xena on TV. Oh my god, really. Afflack was next and was probably the best Batman since Keaton. The fans complain about every story, every movie, every actor. DC does nothing to try and keep the same actors. Afflack leaving, Cavill says one more movie. Snyder is now out it seems. The fans want every character to be exactly like the comic pages as well as the stories. They also take it more personal when a characters race or gender is changed. And DC does nothing to really involve their fans in their announcements. Usually hear about it on the internet. While Marvel has Comic Con And Disney show introductions. I do personally like the idea that the Marvel universe is all one. Movies and TV. Not having to keep up with 2 to 3 different worlds is a plus.

Like I said, I love them all, I think 98% of all the castings have been great. Have all the movies? No, but keep trying. I enjoy them. You will notice that I stayed away from Fox and Sony for now. Will discuss their movies later. I just hope new fans will realize that you can like and enjoy all these movie without trying to hold them page for page to the books. If you want more of these shows and movies, you need to support them. They won’t all be great, but beats getting nothing at all.


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