Its Not Just Super Heroes

I hear a lot of people say, if comics had something more than just heroes and villains I would probably read them. What!!!!!!! I can not believe how many people out there have no clue of all the different comics issued through out the years. Heck, they haven’t even realized how many of their favorite T.V. shows are actually based on comic books. Since the beginning, there have been Romance, Horror, Military, Western, and Comedy comics out there. Back in the 40’s and up, there have been comics based on T.V. shows and famous characters like Roy Rogers  and Dale Evans, The Rat Patrol, and many more. Even comics re issued based on famous literature works. Moby Dick to Beetle Bailey to Dracula have been in comics. And let me tell you, the very early books are worth quit a bit of cash. Just try and get a mid grade or up Archie #1. Good luck. I can guarantee you that there is something for everyone out there. Even children. You just have to look.

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