Another Insert Discovered

It has been brought to my attention that there is a Marvel insert variant that I missed while discussing inserts. I must say, they seem to be fairly rare. In 8 years of collecting and owning over 15,000 comics over that time, I have never seen one.

It is the Marvel Pizzazz Magazine insert. It is an advertisement for a kids Marvel magazine. These variants appear in a fraction of the original print run and sold in a few select markets. A lot of books did come with a full page ad. This is not the variant. The variant is a half page age and are Blue and Red in color. There is a photo below.

Listed below are a few of the books known to have this insert. There are more but I have not been able to verify all of them.

  1. Thor #269
  2. Star Wars #7
  3. Star Wars #9
  4. Invaders #26
  5. Incredible Hulk #221
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #177
  7. Amazing Spider-Man #178
  8. Marvel Team-Up #66
  9. Marvel Team-Up #67

If you know of anymore please let me know and I will add them to the list. These would definitely be worth adding to any collection. So good luck and happy hunting.



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