Movies make the Books!

Since I began collecting comics a few years back I noticed a trend in how values were perceived. I don’t really understand it, and do not really agree with it. But it happens and it looks like we are stuck with it. This trend is the value of a book moving upward of 350% or even more just because a character appears in a movie or T.V. show. But even stranger is the fact that it only happens with newer or lesser known characters.

Here is what I mean. When the Garfield led Amazing Spider Man came out, Amazing Fantasy #15 nor Amazing Spider Man #1 moved up much in value. But when the Tom Hardy led Venom movie was announced, Amazing Spider Man #300 began moving up in value again at a brisk pace. Now I admit Venom is a well known and beloved character but still.

Lets take a look at the small screen. Early Flash titles didn’t move up big with the release of the CW’s Flash series. But an unknown character known as Plastique went from $1.45 NM to $17 NM over night for a 10 minute appearance on the Flash show in which she dies in the end. Same thing happened with Vibe, Cupid, China White, and Felicity Smoak just to name a few. It is happening right now with the character Ronin who we will see in the Infinity Wars movies. Ronin just happens to be Hawkeye in a new suit. And just to get out front of it, I would suggest you grab the first appearance of Nomad!!! ( Captain America #180 1974)

So my advice is, even though I do not like the train of thought. If you hear a character is about to make an appearance on a show or movie. Grab their first appearance quick before it goes up. If you are to late, think if you believe the book will hold value or come back down later. If not and you do not need the book. Buy something else and wait. The Fury of Firestorm #7 did not hold its value and is at $4.50 NM right now. (1st Plastique) Again, all of this is just opinion and you should always do your own research and find the best deals possible. But watch out for those trying to get your money. I will say this, Harley Quinn gets more and more popular. So waiting for her books to trend down may take some time.

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