2nd and Charles

I remember a couple of years ago, you could go into a 2nd and Charles store and buy comics at some of the best prices you have ever seen. As a matter of fact. The weekend I found my first store in Augusta Georgia. Not only were they cheap, but they had a half off sale going on. It was amazing. I spent almost 4 hours in that store going through every box of comics they had. I bought what amounted to $400 in books for $50 dollars. These books included an Amazing Spider-Man 238, the first 15 books of the Vol 2 Wolverine run, All 5 books in the first Punisher run, and a ton of other great stuff. So to my amazement, It was quit disappointing when I came home and decided to check out the store in Fayeteville, NC and after arriving. I noticed there store was different. They actually had an entire area set up like a comic shop and had all sorts of prices on everything. Most being quit high. Even books in not so great condition. So after an hour and a half drive. I spent less than 20 minutes in the store. If I am going to pay top dollar. I would rather support my local shop. I now have to let all of you know. The store in Augusta is now doing the same thing. Some of there prices are even higher than what you might find at your local shops. It is horrible. They have also rearranged the store to accommodate the comics as what seems to be there main income now. So, now I am wondering. If you have a 2nd and Charles in your area. Have they also turned to doing this. If so, please comment and let us know which city you are talking about. So, for now. Back to the little thrift shops and Goodwill stores to find great deals.

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