First Appearances

A gentlemen wrote to me and asked if I could add first appearances of characters that show up in the TV shows and the Movies. So when I add a new blog, I will add a new character to this page. If you find any of my references wrong, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know with a link to the right information.

  1. Plastique                    Flash                     Firestorm Vol. 2 Issue #7
  2. Cupid                         Arrow                    Green Arrow & Black Canary #15
  3. Quake                 Agents of Shield        Secret War #2
  4. Doll maker               Arrow                    Detective Comics Volume 2 #1
  5. Golden Glider          Flash                     The Flash #250
  6. Magenta                    Flash                     New Teen Titans #17
  7. Roulette                 Supergirl                 JSA Files and Origins #2
  8. Colleen Wing        Iron Fist                  Marvel Premier #19
  9. Yo Yo                    Agents of Shield       Mighty Avengers #13
  10. White Canary  Legends of Tomorrow  Birds of Prey Vol 2 #1
  11. Felicity Smoak        Arrow                    Firestorm Vol 2 #23
  12. Legion                      Legion                    New Mutants #26 (1st full)
  13. Sage                      The Gifted                 X-Men #132 (as Tessa)
  14. Peek-a-Boo              Flash                      Flash  Vol 2 #180
  15. Lockjaw              Inhumans                 Fantastic 4 Vol.1 #45
  16. Korg                     Thor: Ragnarok       Incredible Hulk #93 (as Korg)
  17. Surtur                 Thor: Ragnarok      Journey Into Mystery #97
  18. Shatter                The Gifted                The Morlocks #1



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